My home cooked dishes during pregnancy
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I cook almost everyday on weekdays f_kinoko02.gif 

Except on weekends, I get my off days from cooking where we either eat out, pizza delivery or Yappi will cook a simple meal for ush_heart09.gif Something like Okonomiyaki, instant noodles, or maybe cold soba/udon face3_kao06.gif

Even though what I cook now was almost the same as before I’ve got little-big-boss in my tummy, I still tried to cook a nutrient balancing meal as possible during my period of pregnancy..face3_kao07.gifh_shine.gif 
though sometimes, some days could be quite improper..face3_kao20.gif

So here are some of my most recent home cooked dishes for 3 h_heart09.gif Yappi face5_boy.gif, me face5_girl.gif and little-big-boss-in-my-tummyf_been.gif~



Hotpot (Nabe, お鍋)

Japanese hotpot yb_s_spa.gif お鍋 (O-nabe)

From top left to right:
no01.gif Kimuchi nabe (キムチ鍋)
no02.gif Sukiyaki (すきやき)
no03.gif Soy milk nabe (豆乳鍋)
no04.gif Mushrooms nabe (キノコたっぷり鍋) 

A nice and easy menu in winterw_4_snow.gif
Make the soup, cut the ingredients, put everything inside and just wait to boil body3_te01.gif
Lots of veges, good for baby face3_kao25.gifh_heart04.gif

Japanese-style dishes (和食)

Japanese-style dishes f_riceball.gif 和食

From top left to right:
no01.gif Nikujaga (肉じゃが)
no02.gif Tofu top with meat miso (肉味噌の冷奴)
no03.gif Spinach mixed with sesame seeds (ほうれん草のゴマ和え)
no04.gif Hijiki seaweed with soybeans (ひじきの炒め物)

I think Japanese food especially their home cooked menus are always so well-known as healthy as ever. Moreover, the quality of their ingredients are so unbelievably good which not only for the taste but also the physical appearance. For example, I didn’t really like eggplant back home, but I like Japanese eggplantmark3_sign01.gif They taste different. Japanese veges or fruits are somehow.. so rich..h_kira02.gif

Anyways, in Japan, pregnant women are especially recommended to eat more spinach (rich in folic-acid and iron) and hijiki seaweed (rich in iron and calcium). Of course in their home recipes, there are always all kinds of seaweed, veges, tofu, beans, fish..etc food rich of nutrients you would ever need to consume f_riceball.gifh_kira02.gif 

Fish dishes (魚料理)

Fish dishes an_fish.gif 魚料理

From top left to right:
no01.gif Grilled sanma (サンマ焼き)
no02.gif Teriyaki-style Japanese amberjack with honey and black pepper (蜂蜜と黒胡椒風味のブリ焼き)  
no03.gif Karei (with it’s eggs) simmer with ginger (子持ちカレイの煮込み)  
no04.gif Grilled aji (アジ焼き) 

I eat fish a lot in Japan and that’s what Japan is famous for body2_a_good.gifh_shine.gif Especially in winter where you get more oil (fats) from the fish making it not dry and mealy..(dry like eating chicken breast..face3_kao17.gif)

Eating different kinds of fish is highly recommended during pregnancy for it’s rich protein, calcium and DHA.

Fish makes healthy baby face3_kao25.gifh_heart04.gif

Japanese-style rice bowl (Donburi,どんぶり)

Japanese-style rice bowl body_a_biceps.gif どんぶり

From top left to right:
no01.gif Oyako-don, chicken with egg rice bowl (親子丼)
no02.gif Oyako-don top with tomato, white-radish and spring onion (トマト、大根、万能ネギトッピングの親子丼)
no03.gif Beef, eggplants, carrots simmered with BBQ sauce rice bowl (牛肉と野菜のBBQソース丼)  
no04.gif Chirashi-zushi, scattered sushi (ちらし寿司)

In short, Donburi is Japanese rice-bowl dish. Fish, meat, vegetables, etc simmered together and served on top of rice in a bowl. Oyako-don is a standard menu in Japan and is very very easy to make body3_te01.gifh_shine.gif I cook this when I’m feeling lazy face3_kao07.gif 

Chinese-style dishes (中華料理)

Chinese-style dishes p_hana-ani03.gif 中華料理

From top left to right:
no01.gif Mapo tofu (マーボー豆腐)
no02.gif Mix-fried beef with summer vegetables (牛肉と夏野菜炒め) 
no03.gif Fried Japanese mustard spinach with minced meat (小松菜と挽肉の炒め) 
no04.gif Stir fried shrimp in chili sauce (エビチリ)

A lil’ bit kinda Japanese arranged Chinese-styled dishes..face2_catface.gifh_sweat02.gif

I think I eat less green veges in Japan..h_sweat02.gif In every of mom’s dishes, there’re always green veges h_heart04.gif
Sometimes, I just followed her style of cooking the green veges, and try to eat more during this period for little-big-boss h_heart09.gif

Meat dishes (肉料理)

Meat dishes an_c_chick.gif 肉料理

From top left to right:
no01.gif Teriyaki-style chicken wrapped with shiso leaves (鶏肉の丸め照り焼き)
no02.gif Japanese-style fried chicken in soy sauce (焼き唐揚げ)
no03.gif Grilled pork with celery and black pepper (セロリとブラックペパーソースの焼き豚肉)
no04.gif Ginger fried pork with salad (バラ豚肉の生姜焼きとサラダ) 

Sometimes craving for meat, but after eating them, I feel so heavy face3_kao20.gifh_sweat02.gifhaha
In every meat meal I made, I tried to prepare also salad with fresh veges as much as I can to balance up a2_up.gif

Soups (汁物)

Soups yb_s_hot_spring.gif 汁物

From top left to right:
no01.gif Lotus root soup (レンコンスープ)
no02.gif Shungiku with fish ball soup (春菊と魚のつみれスープ)
no03.gif Seaweed with meat ball soup (海苔と豚肉のつみれスープ)
no04.gif Chinese cabbage miso soup (青梗菜の味噌汁)

Soup is never to be left out in our dinner! (unless if we’re eating noodles)
People said a warm soup / tea after meal helps warming up our body for a  good digestion body2_a_good.gifh_shine.gif

Rice plates (ライスプレート)

Rice plates f_z_spoon02.gif ライスプレート

From top left to right:
no01.gif Chicken with spinach Indian paste curry (鶏肉とほうれん草のインド風カレー)
no02.gif Tomatoes and prawns creamy stew (トマトとエビのクリーム煮)
no03.gif Japanese-style beef curry (ビーフカレー)
no04.gif Grilled salmon and vegetables with rice (サーモン焼きと色々な野菜ライス)

These are yummy face2_delicious.gifh_heart09.gif Curry and stew are creamy and makes you eat more rice without realizing..face2_catface.gifh_sweat02.gifh_sweat02.gif

For curry, I usually cook a big pot at once which can last for a few days and there I get to rest from cooking for that few days~ hoho face3_kao07.gif 

Noodles (麺料理)

Noodles f_noodle.gif 麺料理

From top left to right:
no01.gif Cold bukkake udon (冷ぶっかけうどん)
no02.gif Hiyashi chuuka with cucumber (冷やし中華-キュウリ) 
no03.gif Hiyashi chuuka with cabbage (冷やし中華-キャベツ)
no04.gif Wat tan ho (広東風キシメンに卵のあんかけ)

We usually eat noodles on weekends coz they are easy and fast to prepare. Yappi helps to make and sometimes I just let him do all of it face3_kao07.gif Weekends’ my holiday face3_kao06.gif That’s why on weekends, I think sometimes I kinda lack of nutrients in food..face3_kao20.gif Cucumber or cabbage doesn’t make enough..h_sweat02.gif


Spaghetti (スパゲッティ)

Spaghetti f_z_spoon01.gif スパゲッティ

From top left to right:
no01.gif Campbell mushroom soup (キャンベルのきのこスープ)
no02.gif Spaghetti carbonara (カルボナーラのスパゲッティ)
no03.gif Spaghetti bolognese (ミートソースのスパゲッティ)
no04.gif Spaghetti with basil sauce (バジルソースのスパゲッティ)

Spaghettimark3_sign03.gif One of our favorite face3_kao09.gifh_heart04.gif



Leave me a comment if anyone wants a recipe of any of the above~ face3_kao09.gifh_shine.gif

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  2. mii says:

    Wow. Harupiすごいな〜 Please teach me how to cook “nikujaga”. おねがいします!

    • harupi says:

      Nikujaga is quite simple 🙂

      3~4 servings
      The ingredients: sliced beefs (200g), potatoes (3 or 4), onion (1), carrot (1), shirataki noodles (100g)
      The seasoning: Dashi soup (1 cup), sugar (4tbsp), soy sauce (4tbsp)

      ☆ Cut potatoes and carrot into blocks and onion into wedges.
      ☆ Wash and drain shirataki noodles, then simply cut to a shorter length

      ☆ Heat 1tbsp of sesame oil in a pot and saute the beefs on medium heat until half-cooked.
      ☆ Add in potatoes, carrot, onion and saute together for about 2 mins.
      ☆ Add in all the seasoning and wait to boil.
      ☆ Turn down the heat and skim off any foam on the surface. Put on the lid and simmer until the veges soften (around 10mins).
      ☆ Take off the lid and add in shirataki noodles. Continue to simmer until the broth is not watery.

      I like to replace soy sauce for miso sometimes. It’s nice! If you would like to try, add in 1 big spoon of miso on the very last step and stir until the miso is all mixed up. Then immediately turn off heat. (*don’t add in soy sauce if you are going to add miso!)

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