Baymax with love lunchbox ベイマックスのお弁当
★2017/02/24 00:18

Today’s lunchbox!

Baymax with love lunchbox ベイマックスのお弁当Baymax with love h_heart01_.gif ベイマックス h_heart02.gif

Just watched the movie not long ago and we just love doing the Baymax fist bump face3_kao09.gif like everyday when Little-big-boss Uto is leaving for kindy!h_heart02_.gif
Now you see, now you don't! 完食 Baymax all gone face2_delicious.gif 完食 f_z_spoon02.gif

Today was also a parents-visit day~! It was great to be able to see how the kids  are doing and how the teachers dealing with them face3_kao06.gif

こんなにもお友だちと色々な会話ができて、お当番さんとしてもちゃんとやってくれて、感心しましたface_self-conscious_smile.gif 可愛かった!h_heart09.gif


Little-big-boss Uto p_hana-ani04.gif
f_been.gif 20170223
f_been.gif 4years 5months 21day
f_been.gif 4歳 5か月 21日

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