Tilt-Shift for a TOY-LAND
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Interested in making the world into a small, miniature model? Or making it into a toy-land?

Imagine the scene that you see in real life can look so miniature and fake that it fancinates me so much!

I like miniature models! I love TOY-Land!

And I just found out the magic wand to turn a real place to a toy-land is known as Tilt-Shift lens, a professional lens for professional cameras.

Wikipedia Tilt-Shift photography

So these are some examples that have turned into a miniature set in a click*


A beach resort
(pic from: http://www.mrjarvis.com/2008/07/tilt-shift-photography/)


Under construction
(pic from: http://www.bittergirls.jp/en/)

These two pictures were actually taken from the real world!I was so fascinated on this effect that I really had a good time seeing these toy-ish pictures on the net!

Toy-Town pics

However, TILT-SHIFT lens is way too expensive for me to own one!!!

Therefore, we are really have to say bravo to ADOBE PHOTOSHOP created for the new generation, US! (^0^)

YES! Photoshop has the exactly same magic power!

LOOK at all my pictures turn into TOY-LAND!!!
Mouse over to see the effect!

20090709_snow_town_originalPicture taken when I was in the train heading North in Japan.

20090709_snow_park_originalPicture taken also in the train heading North in Japan.

20090709_boat_originalPicture taken at a Fisherman Village in Maldives.

20090709_forest_originalPicture taken from Swiss Garden Hotel in Kuantan, Malaysia.

20090709_times_square_originalPicture taken from the 42nd Floor Times Square in KL, Malaysia.

20090709_theme_park_originalPictures taken from 1st World Hotel in Genting Highland, Malaysia. Love this the most!

Nice? (^-^)

I like it!

And I LOVE Photoshop!



More beautiful pictures on Tilt-Shift photography


Look at my calendar on the right! I’ve got my blog a Calendar with pictures of Tilt-Shift!

Think it is kinda cute. (^^)

Click to get it! from Uniqlo

It shows also the weather of any country you’ve selected. Cute Cute*

Available for screen saver too!

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