SUPERMOON so bright~! – 19 March 2011
★2011/03/19 23:33

Full moonThe MOONicon:mark3_sign01icon:w_6_fullmoon

And today’s a SUPERMOON dayicon:mark3_sign03 
– which a full moon or new moon at it’s closest approach to the Earth icon:w_6_newmoonicon:p_futabaicon:w_6_fullmoon
19 March 2011, the closest Supermoon since 1992.

A lot of rumors saying that natural disasters occurred when Supermoon is approaching.. some has said, the M9.1 Japan earthquake on the 11 March 2011 was influenced by this Supermoon (not proven scientifically)..
It sounded super for me.. maybe because of that, it then named as S U P E R M O O N icon:body_a_biceps

Check Wikipedia to know more about SUPERMOON  icon:f_been

I thought I had to see the Supermoonicon:mark3_sign01

and I saw iticon:mark3_sign03

First impression, Supermoon is so bright icon:h_kira01icon:mark3_sign03 instead of big.. icon:face3_kao17

I thought it would be BIG seriously.. icon:face3_kao18  hmm..maybe not from here.. icon:face3_kao21

Supermoon from backyard on 19 March 2011
Supermoon from backyard on 19 March 2011
Though, it was really really BRIGHT~ icon:w_6_fullmoonicon:h_kira02

Go out and have a look at the SUPERMOON icon:mark3_sign03

How big is it from your placeicon:mark3_sign02 Is it bright tooicon:mark3_sign02

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