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I was selected by STARBUCKSicon:mark3_sign03icon:face_self-conscious_smileicon:h_kira02 


20100506-starbucks-L.jpg…just to blog about their New Instant Coffee from STARBUCKS VIA. icon:face3_kao20

Nothing to be proud of…but still happy to be selectedicon:mark3_sign01icon:face4_kao-a04 

So now I had 2 packets of Starbucks ever FIRST made instant coffee to tryicon:mark3_sign01icon:w_5_l_thundericon:f_x_coffeicon:h_kira02  


1 packet (x3) of Italian Roast and 1 packet (x3) of Colombia.

Both were incredibly so-taste like fresh brewed coffeeicon:h_kira02icon:mark3_sign03icon:face4_kao-a17

Was really surprised that an instant coffee made from grind coffee beans and yet not tasting *instant* plus, it melts leaving nothing behind under the cup of coffee…

Isn’t this first ever Instant-Brewed-Coffee created? icon:an_c_hiyokoicon:h_hatena02

This is what STARBUCKS says:icon:body2_ear

This is not instant coffee as you know it. This is rich, flavorful Starbucks® coffee in an instant.

Starbucks has found a way to offer a truly great cup of coffee that you can prepare by just adding water. Other instant coffees taste flat and lifeless. Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew is different – it’s full-bodied and flavorful, just like the Starbucks® coffee you know and love.

It’s made with the highest-quality, ethically sourced 100% arabica beans. The magic is in a proprietary, all-natural process that we spent years perfecting. We microgrind the coffee in a way that preserves all of their essential oils and flavor. No other coffee company takes this step, and it makes all the difference.


Just amazing but of course the price is also double triple the price of normal instant coffee..icon:face3_kao20

(Maybe still not available in Malaysia)

In Japan,

icon:f_x_coffe Normal instant coffee : 20yen/packet (1 drink)
icon:f_x_coffe02 Starbucks Via Instant Coffee: 100yen/packet (1drink)

5 TIMESicon:mark3_sign03icon:o_dollaricon:o_dollaricon:o_dollaricon:o_dollaricon:o_dollar

Can imagine how different it would be icon:f_been

Colombia (medium) is more for general coffee drinkers coz it tastes smoother icon:h_hatena01 tasted regular with great aroma icon:f_x_coffe03icon:h_heart09


Italian Roast (Extra bold), I guess it is more for mania coffee drinkers…taste stronger and bold icon:f_x_coffe03icon:h_heart08

Recommended for all coffee lovers icon:h_heart06 who can’t live without the aroma of good coffee wherever they are~



icon:h_heart3 coffee at WORK.


icon:h_heart3 coffee while relaxing at the BEACH.


icon:h_heart3 coffee after a day in the SNOW.


icon:h_heart3 coffee to bring while up in the snow mountain SKIING.


icon:h_heart3 coffee maybe after a hard day practicing SNOWBOARDING perhaps.

20100506-swim.jpgicon:h_heart3 coffee to chill down after a day under the sun SWIMMING.


icon:h_heart3 coffee while having SNACKS.


icon:h_heart3 feeling like a cup of coffee particularly when not into SWEETSWEET stuffs at the moment.

20100506-fries.jpgicon:h_heart3 coffee after having oily stuffs like FRIES.

icon:h_heart3 DREAM for coffee.

icon:h_heart3 coffee to help digesting when having a BIG MEAL.


icon:h_heart3 Bring in the aroma while DATING.

Anywhere, Everywhere, with EASY true coffee~  icon:f_x_coffe03icon:h_kira02

*Copied from Starbucks Japan official website*icon:a2_up2
My Version icon:a2_up2icon:an_mushi  

The original Version icon:a2_down2


Just had fun editing photos for this entry. icon:face_shishishi I’m not a coffee addict, but love the scent and aroma of good coffee.

Personally, I really think that this new product of Starbucks Via is a great creation. icon:body2_a_goodicon:h_shine  

I’m a tea-lover icon:f_x_teaicon:h_heart08

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  1. M. Samuel says:

    The new Starbucks instant coffee sounds like a hit. I would like to give this brand a fair try to see first-hand if it lives up to all the noise it is creating.

  2. Peachmiki says:

    I don’t drink coffee but rather tea. But I do love the smell/aroma/taste of it.Very nice editing the photosicon:face3_kao06

  3. Kiwi says:

    Good post! Didn’t get a chance to make you more tea this time round. Next trip you come back, i make you more tea okie? 🙂

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