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icon:h_heart05 Summer.

In summer, what else but a real warmth nice weather! icon:w_1_hare icon:w_1_hare02

The smell of summer is different. 

The smell of the warmth air icon:w_2_kumo, the smell of the grass icon:p_futaba, the smell of the sun icon:w_1_sun makes you feel happy and joyous. icon:a2_upicon:face2_happy01

Countries which do not have 4 seasons is like having summer the whole year round, but the summer from a 4 seasons’ countries where else is just different. The atmosphere is different.

We have fireworks eventsicon:h_shine, summer O-bon festivals icon:p_hana-ani01, people yearning to the beach icon:yb_see, hot pants hot style icon:face2_lovely from the girls, and so much more!

To me,

what’s really representing summer is CICADA!

I never familiar with the name of Cicada, I was just familiar with SEMI 「蝉」 in Japanese. 

I Google-ed it with that and found Cicada is SEMI in English.. icon:face2_catface

And, what is Cicada? icon:h_hatena04

This is CICADA icon:mark3_sign03


Cicadas will be out from the ground making noise, or I rather say, they sing along the whole Summer.icon:h_notes 
Some species may sound quite similar to cricket but they are not!

One day when you woke up hearing them singing loudly, you’d know that the Spring is over and it’s SUMMER! icon:a2_upicon:w_1_sun 

This is the sound when you feel ‘it’s SUMMERicon:mark3_sign03 ‘



The cicadas existence is strong enough to fill up the whole atmosphere of Summer! icon:w_1_sun

Cicadas love heat and they do their most spirited singing during hotter days in Summer.icon:w_1_sun

I love icon:h_heart09 the atmosphere of Summer with them singing! icon:h_note

I just feel nice when hearing them singing! icon:h_notes

And the atmosphere just somehow reminds me of the summer of some animes that I’ve watched last time.. icon:face2_confident

I cycle much around my town area icon:yb_house02 and this icon:a2_down2 was how my Summer looks like!  icon:p_futaba icon:ya_bicycle icon:w_1_sun



icon:h_heart05 Summer with the singing sound of Cicadas. icon:h_notes


at the same time I hate Summer when all insects came into lives during Summericon:mark3_sign01icon:face2_bearingicon:h_annoy

I think I’ve been facing troubles with mosquitoes, cockroaches, tiny flying insects and all every summer ! icon:face2_bearing


Anyhow, I’m happy that I do not need to deal with any cockroaches this summer. hah! icon:body2_a_scissors
(I’ve just seen one dead cockroach on top of the basin in my kitchen when I woke up in the morning…only one and a dead one this whole Summer! icon:a2_up)

This summer, however, 
I had quite a hard time dealing with the one I’ve been saying that I love their singing sound in Summer…icon:face2_gawkicon:h_sweat02 yes…a Cicada…icon:face2_sadicon:h_sweat02icon:h_sweat02

A Cicada just flew straight into my living from the widely opened window.
(Totally regret leaving the windows all opened.)

It then flew crazily up and down, fly, bump, fly, fly, fly, bump, bump, bump onto my walls, doors, ceiling and finally landed on my curtain. icon:face_shock icon:face_shout icon:face_expressionless


Okay, since it stays on the curtain quietly after that, I din’t bother to do anything and continued with my work…

After a while, it began to fly again up and down all crazily bumping here and there and this time it landed onto my round ceiling light! icon:face_shockicon:face_shock


Can’t feel any comfortable with this flying stranger in the house…icon:face2_bearingicon:h_sweat01

Yapi volunteered to remove the glass from the light to have it escape from the light..(though his fear to insects is worser than I do..icon:face2_gawkicon:h_sweat02)  

The Cicada escaped and now landed back on my curtain JUST NEXT to my opened balcony door! Why can’t they just fly out icon:mark3_sign02 icon:face2_bearing

Yapi asked me to get rid of it…but how icon:mark3_sign02

I love them singing in Summer, but the sound they make when they feel danger is absolutely dreadful to ears! icon:face2_shock


Picture taken very unwillingly…icon:face4_kao-a14

I did got rid of it after that…but in a very timid way…icon:f_beenicon:h_sweat01


…but at least I got rid of it without killing it ! icon:f_beenicon:h_kira02

I actually love insects, in the sense of seeing their documentaries and have always think that their world, the insects world is just so amazing and mysterious.

But once they are somewhere near me, just like all the other girls, I’ll be shrieking uncomfortable, anxious, and can’t stay still until they are gotten rid of…icon:face2_crying

But yeah, insects are actually very beautiful in their own world which seems to me like a fantasy-like world especially when you see them in a very high resolution captured videos and pictures. icon:h_heart04icon:an_mushi

Some Cicadas pictures from Wikipedia


They are actually beautiful if they do not invade into my house! icon:face4_kao-a04


Cicada molting

They will be in their icon:h_kira02MOST BEAUTIFUL STATEicon:h_kira02right after molting !



They icon:h_kira02glow-in-the-darkicon:h_kira02 when they are still fresh from molting, which gives them a fairy-figureicon:w_7_star

Yeah, I’ve just got to repeat myself that I think they are beautiful and I love their singing sound during the Summer, but I just hate them when they invade into my HOUSEicon:mark3_sign03 

Anyway, it’s already Autumn now…an insects-less season! Love it as much! icon:h_heart08 icon:face2_wink

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