Japan is FINE!
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Are you leaving Japan too icon:h_hatena04

Are you asking your family or friends who are in Japan to leave icon:h_hatena04

If yes, why icon:h_hatena04

Ionizing radiation is leaking from the Nuclear Power Planticon:mark3_sign01 – that’s the reason!!

Oo, that’s scary..
Everybody knows, ionizing radiation is hazardous. It may even cause death.

Did you know, it takes a very Very VERY large amount of radiation to kill a live being?

As for Fukushima Nuclear Plant crisis, the amount of radiation that leaks out is only danger for the distance of 30km from the plant. Other than that, everywhere in Japan are safeicon:mark3_sign01 

Fukushima radiation levels

At one point, radiation for Tokyo has increased mSv0.8 more than usual from the leaking, but this amount is not at all a number that would affect any health problem.

Why ill-threat radiation?

Whereas everything are quite the same.

For example, “smoking”.

Cigarette is not good for health. Moreover a second-hand smoker.
Over-taking them could be hazardous.

People has too lil’ knowledge on radiation..

In fact, instead of radiation leaking, people should start “No Smoking”.

Even though it is fine here in Japan, the overseas media has been making a big fuss by exaggerating the facts and tell stories which are not existed.

That is cruel and I hate it!!

Didn’t everyone been saying “Help Japan”, “Pray for Japan”?

Being panic doesn’t helpicon:mark3_sign01

Being the one who makes everyone panic doesn’t helpicon:mark3_sign03

Stop working and leave Japan out of nothing doesn’t help eithericon:mark3_sign01

Cz any of that would only cause nightmare of a economy crisis.. icon:face3_kao27 

Please mean it when you say “Help Japan” icon:h_bikkuri04 and spread the right facts!

Japan will be even more advance, even more stronger when Japan overcomes the current difficultiesicon:mark3_sign03 It always does icon:face3_kao06


See how all media from all over the world says about Japan..icon:a2_down too sad, too bad 

Stop the hysteria!! icon:a2_down

If you do not really know what’s happening on the Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima, watch this! A very funny but true and positive facts that describes the current condition ! Love this icon:h_heart05
Japan is still the best icon:body3_te02

* Sorry, I put the wrong one without the translation. Please see this for English icon:face3_kao20 (21 March – update)

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