I got a BLOGGIE !
★2010/02/20 12:00

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20100219_bloggie.jpgI got a Bloggieicon:mark3_sign03icon:face_self-conscious_smileicon:h_kira02icon:o_v_movie For your info, bloggie is a new video camera from Sony.

Bloggie is for BLOGGERS~icon:mark3_sign03icon:face_self-conscious_smile


The main big reason why I got a bloggie was for the 360° lensicon:mark3_sign03

There are 2 types..

MHS-PM5 and MHS-PM5K , and I din’t know..icon:face3_kao21

icon:o_v_movie MHS-PM5K  
  icon:w_7_star comes with the 360° lens
  icon:w_7_star comes with 4GB memory card

icon:o_v_movie MHS-PM5  

  icon:an_hone comes with nothing except the camera itself


And the one I bought is the one, comes with nothing except the camera itself..”


I saw the price was cheaper from the US Amazon compare to all shops in Japan..

And know I know why it is cheaper.. icon:face3_kao13 

How stupid..icon:face3_kao15

However, MHS-PM5 is not even in the market in Japan..icon:an_c_hiyoko so no worries on getting the wrong one in Japan..icon:face4_kao-a19 

Oh SONY~icon:mark3_sign01 Pleeeeaassse do sell me the 360° lens seperately~~ icon:mark3_sign03icon:face3_kao21

Anyhow, bloggie is still bloggie icon:h_kira02

It still has it’s value even without the lens..(at the moment)

Bloggie is LIGHTSMALL, and EASY to take along in your pocket or in your small small bagicon:mark3_sign01

A blogger always self-taking, a blogger bring along his/her camera 24 hours to everywhere, and a blogger uploads the datas to the web – and therefore, we don’t need it to be in super high-resolution, we don’t need to compress it~ haha

Great gadget for a BLOGGER, I reckonicon:mark3_sign01icon:face_self-conscious_smile

hoho~ icon:face3_kao07

Anyway, they don’t seem to have a bloggie with the 360° lens attached in the US Amazon.

It’s like totally different from Japan, where in Japan, they don’t even have a bloggie without a 360° lens..icon:face3_kao17

Which means the market between America and Japan is totally different.

America thinks that 360° lens should be optional.

Japan thinks that 360° lens is essential.


If you’re not in Japan, get bloggie with 360°lens at SonyStyleicon:face3_kao06

and bloggie without 360° lens at icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:face3_kao07

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  1. Ed says:

    Your review was very helpful, I’m thinking about to buy one of these cameras, since I’m in Mexico I gonna be careful about buying the right model.ありがとう ございます。(^_^) (はい、 日本語が すこし できます

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Haruka,was just searching some info about Bloggie on the internet and came up to your video on Youtube.com so I just followed you here icon:face3_kao01The first time I saw it, I knew I am going to get it one for myself. Since it looks so nice and stylish. Especially the WHITE one :)Luckily I found a second hand on the internet. So, just can’t have to play with it!!And THANKS SO MUCH for your review. It helped me a lot though. If you didn’t mention about the SERIES, I might have gotten the one w/o the 360° lens and that would suck…So, just wanna let you know that I became one of your blog’s fan ^^.See ya.

  3. Haruka says:

    Heya!:) thanks for reading n glad the reviews helped!!(^__^)

  4. kevegabi says:

    Hello Haruka!Greetings from Hungary!I do not understand the Japanese language, but I really liked Your video! I love it! :)I also ordered a bloggie yesterday, I hope you satisfied with Yours!Best regards,kevegabi

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