Happy New Year 2020
★2020/01/01 23:50

Happy New Year 2020
A brand new year!!

2020.. the year that looked so “future” in the past!
And it’s already here h_bikkuri04.gif

Are we going to have our flying car sooooon? face3_kao07.gif




They are some targets that I want to achieve this year or maybe the following years!

○ I want to live at a place with fresher air!!

○ I want to go to a beach with blue ocean and fine sand in summer.

○ I want to go to a snow mountain in winter.

○ I want to bring my mom to travel.

○ I want to go to a spa with professional massaging to relieve stiffness in my body.. I think I’m in a severe state of that..

○ I want a bigger bed!

○ I want a bigger house for that bigger bed and of course to accommodate all my little-big-bosses!!

○ I want to start up a business to make some extra money in order to achieve all stated above!! Haha! Wish me luck!

○ I want to lose at least 6kgs!

and last but not least,
○ I want to blog my everyday life with my little-big-bosses with no excuses like “I’m too busy, or so face2_bearing.gif – they’re just too cute that I really shouldn’t miss out putting it as a form of memory for myself here. I just missed out the whole year of them!!!!!

Well, let’s live 2020 to the fullest!


Happy New Year 2020 and my best wishes to everyone of you! h_heart06.gif




And yes, I was actually got hired by a new Little-Big-Boss last April..my ever first Little-girl-boss h_heart3.gif

Meet Aina, my third Little-big-boss



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