GUNDAM~Pls wait for me!
★2009/07/21 09:34

Cloudy / Rain


I’ve to cancel my plan to meet Gundam again!!! (><)

And the weather forecast saids the rain leads till TOMORROW!!!!! (><)


But anyway, after the whole week of hot and wet days, today’s finally some cool air to cool down my mind a bit.

My date with Gundam now postphoned to Thursday…

Thursday’s a sunny day and we’ll be waking up very very early like maybe depart at 5am so that the sun won’t be burning our skin off! (><)

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  1. Dominus says:

    Hello Haruka!!! \o/ … Me again!How are things going there in Japan?here is cold! very … I can not play my guitar right, my fingers are freezing … uhahuahua!What is Gundam? I have no idea … =)…You got a time without posting anything on your blog, thought you had stopped writing! =(I was seeing your photos. Are you traveling???The food there is quite strange … hahuauhauh … seems very good! \o/…Girl, I love your hair! uahhuahu \o/….Here are 10:34 to night, I will give out, I love holidays…Take care there so far….kisses from your correspondent in Brazil …. \o/ To more … Dominus_Ramon

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