Grandpa and grandma’s WONDERFUL home-cooked dishes ♥
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Like I said, everyone is making me feeling left out and making me missing home so much and making me craving for all the Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) feast!!! with all the pictures posted on FB! face3_kao08.gif

To be fair, I’m going to post all the wonderful yummy dishes prepared by my parents-in-law when we were back for New Year! face2_bleah.gif

Day 1 - lunchLunch upon arrival!
p_sakura.gif Spaghetti
p_sakura.gif Salad

Day 1 - Sukiyaki dinnerDinner
p_sakura.gif Sukiyaki hotpot
p_sakura.gif Octopus sashimi

Day 2 - breakfastBreakfast
p_sakura.gif Miso grilled onigiri
p_sakura.gif Grilled salmon
p_sakura.gif Wakame (seaweed) miso soup

Day 2 - lunchLunch
p_sakura.gif Yakisoba

Day 2 - dinnerDinner
p_sakura.gif Oden
p_sakura.gif Vege soup
p_sakura.gif Rice

Grandpa the chef!Little-big-boss grandpa the master chef! h_shine.gif

Day 3 - lunchLunch
p_sakura.gif Fried rice with loads of vegetables starchy sauce for topping

Look at the little hearts h_heart02.gif

Day 4 - Ramen lunchLunch
p_sakura.gif Soy sauce soup based ramen

Day 4 - dinnerDinner
p_sakura.gif Sweet and sour sauce on fried pork with vege
p_sakura.gif Dried radish salad
p_sakura.gif Japanese cucumber salad
p_sakura.gif Octopus sashimi
p_sakura.gif Karei (marbled sole) cooked in soy sauce
p_sakura.gif Soup
p_sakura.gif Rice

Day 5 - breakfastBreakfast
p_sakura.gif Miso grilled onigiri
p_sakura.gif Tamago-yaki (Japanese fried egg)
p_sakura.gif Wakame, tofu miso soup

Day 5 - Okonomiyaki lunchLunch
p_sakura.gif Okonomiyaki

Day 6 - Mochi breakfastNew Year breakfast
p_sakura.gif Mochi with crunched walnuts paste, sweetened soy sauce or red beans paste
p_sakura.gif Green vege salad
p_sakura.gif Wakame, nameko, tofu miso soup

Day 7 - breakfastBreakfast
p_sakura.gif Grilled salmon
p_sakura.gif Vinegar based salad
p_sakura.gif Vege soup
p_sakura.gif Rice

Day 7 - lunchLunch
p_sakura.gif Soy sauce soup based soumen (wheat noodles) with squid tempura and vege tempura

Cheese cake by grandpa!Last day treat!
p_sakura.gif Rare cheese cake face2_delicious.gif


Grandpa actually had been attending cooking school and GRADUATED h_shine.gif not long ago after his retirement (though now back to work out of some circumstances).


We had our wonderful feast too the whole week! face3_kao07.gif
Thank you so much for the hospitality, grandpa and grandma h_heart04.gif




Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year again!! h_notes.gif

Don’t over-eat mark3_sign03.gif haha


Hoping  next year we can also join in the celebration!!!! face4_kao-a04.gif


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