Bye-bye to Restaurant City
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Restaurant City, the Facebook gamemark3_sign01.gif has closed down since 29 June 2012mark3_sign01.gif

I think I’ve started playing this game since 2009..

Back then, I was totally obsessed in this game so much that it took almost all my time trying to get the best out of this game face3_kao20.gif though I kinda lost the passion to it since last year I guess.. but still I continued to access everyday just because Restaurant City is cute face2_catface.gif Their items are cute, their characters are cute, yes the design! and they got cuter over the past years. I kept accessing just because I wanted to see their progress and feeling heavy to abandon a game once I was so passionate in face3_kao20.gif 

Restaurant City interior evolution
The changes of my restaurant since 2009..

Started with very less money, not much to do with the interior.  
We researched for the best functionality to earn fast by the arrangement of the tables/stoves. It was fun and you can actually see the result body2_a_good.gifh_shine.gif

It was a bit hard for the old time Restaurant City where it was not as flexible as to compare to the new-era of Restaurant City. That was why people came out with lots of hidden tips back then, for example, [stacking the items], [putting the door not against the wall], etc face3_kao20.gif 

Yappi and I wasted loads of time experimenting too..face3_kao20.gif  yes, he was the truly extreme RC addictmark3_sign03.gifo_dokuro.gif I was just normal~ haha

Restaurant City in different themeThis is the new era of Restaurant City h_shine.gif

More flexible in designing your restaurant and there are always a theme in every updates.

I did Alice theme,  the Christmas theme (mine was actually more to the Gingerbread themeh_sweat02.gif), and an Italian-style theme h_note.gif

Restaurant City Halloween teamOh, and I did a Halloween-themed interior once too o_dokuro.gif before the new era w_2_kaminari.gif

What I did was nothing compared to these people belowmark3_sign01.gif

They were the winners for Restaurant City Design Contest in 2011, and their design are just amazing~mark3_sign03.gifface4_kao-a17.gif


RC best adventurous restaurant, ShadowlandBEST ADVENTUROUS RESTAURANT – Shadowland by Knalltute

RC best realistic restaurant, The Pepper MillBEST REALISTIC RESTAURANT – The Pepper Mill by Pyrographer

RC best romantic restaurant, Breeze HotelBEST ROMANTIC RESTAURANT – Breeze Hotel by Scouse Thumper

RC best message in a restaurant, Seashore CastleBEST MESSAGE IN A RESTAURANT – Seashore Castle by Vcshox

Pics source


Too creative, too awesome face3_kao22.gif

I wanted to make something like that but was too reluctant to my passion has died off to actually put much time on it..face2_catface.gif

And now I couldn’t make it back..

For Restaurant City is closing..

Restaurant City closing down

They had goodbye party on their last month..

Restaurant City goodbye party flyer

And they are officially closed on 29 June 2012..face3_kao10.gif

Restaurant City closed

This is Maggie, the main character of Restaurant City..
Goodbye cooks from Restaurant CityWe love her coz she was cute h_heart09.gif We’ll miss you too..

Visit the official blog an_fish.gif


I’ll miss those days where I’d always use my restaurant to be one of our virtual dating spot..h_heart04.gif

Working together in Restaurant City
I had Yappi and me myself as one of the staff and would always make us work together nearby h_heart09.gif


Restaurant City Haruka and Yasuhiro
We’ll miss you Restaurant City for making a place for us to have fun once h_heart06.gif 



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    Oh my! I didn’t know they closed down. It’s kinda sad..but I abandoned a long while ago 🙁

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