A day before my birthday 2011
★2012/01/14 18:30

Happy New Year 2012icon:h_kira01icon:face4_kao-a01

Been a lil’ bit busy with house moving from Hokkaido back to Tokyo.. actually it’s Kanagawaicon:h_sweat02 and always, I’ve been regretting for not updating this blog..icon:face3_kao17

Though it is already the year of 2012, I still have a lot of past year stories to post even from now on icon:face3_kao09icon:h_sweat02 will speed up..icon:body_a_biceps

First for a very simple story but a very sweet moment for me on the 29th November 2011, a day before my birthdayicon:h_noteicon:h_heart08 icon:face4_kao-a02

I’ve got a bouquet of flowersicon:p_cherryblossom3icon:h_heart09

Birthday's flowers

And I’ve got a birthday strawberry cake icon:f_c_cakeicon:h_heart08 icon:face4_kao-a02
My 2011 birthday cake

And I’ve got a lovely husband who prepared for my birthday icon:face_shyicon:h_heart04

Getting the candles ready

Lighting the candles

He sang me the birthday song adorablyicon:h_note

I made a wish

and blew the candles..icon:xmas_candle

Watching at the cake

Faces behind my birthday cake
Birthday kissThank you LGC (hubby), it’s just cuteicon:h_heart09

Faces on my birthdayAs being a new generation people, we camwhored a lot after that.. in order to put in facebook/blog icon:face3_kao07icon:h_sweat02

Happy Birthday note






Birthday kiss


It was simple and classic, but definitely the sweetest birthday I always had icon:face_self-conscious_smileicon:h_kira02.
.ehem* should say it was my birthday’s eve icon:face4_kao-a04 I think this was my first time having my birthday’s eve celebrated icon:face3_kao07icon:h_heart08 

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  1. Rachel Lau says:

    Wow…waited for you to update your blog until my neck grew as long as giraffe! What a sweet and simple celebration with loved one. =)

  2. Foong Kwan says:

    Very lovely….. sweet and romantic tooo…yes agreee waited until neck also long already..

  3. Haruka says:

    haha. Thanks Rachel =) didn’t know u read my BLOG! so happy!

  4. Haruka says:

    Foong Kwan, have u got ur romance yet? really thanks for reading this!

  5. Avril says:

    Congratulations!!!I´ve discovered your blog and I´m very happy for you and your baby. I have known your blog through youtube travels´videos, and they are very funny and interesting.I hope you will do more travels´videos and you will be good in your pregnancy.A european reader

  6. Haruka says:

    Thank you Avril 🙂 been a lil’ busy and regret that I’ve been neglecting in updating videos on YouTube >

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